La Grance Du Moulin Des Serres
Le Muy, France

This property, renovated by Milanese Architect Claudio Silvestrin, is in the heart of Var Country, situated half way between Cannes and Saint Tropez.  Nestled in the countryside beside an exquisite river, the architecture has Cistercian influences dating back to the seventeenth century.  Claudio Silvestrin had a profound understanding of conceptual art, giving shape and form to this rare property. The residence has more of a sculptural appearance in a space of the purest beauty, “a profession of faith to the glory of space and light.”  

Externally, La Grange du Moulin des Serres has lost none of its sobriety: its stonework has simply been restored to its natural warm coloring.  The three hectares property is grounded with its natural environment with new verticality of stone walls and a swimming pool of eighteen by four metres.  These architectural elements visually link the house with the mountains in the distance and the river below.